Benefits of Working with Certified Hand Therapists

People value the use of their hands and any loss of function through injury or accident can devistate lives. Anyone with an injury wants nothing but the very best to assure maximal recovery. A certified hand therapist offers the public assurance that the therapist treating them has achieved the highest level of competency in the profession and stays current in the field.

The intricate anatomy of the arm and hand frequently requires very delicate surgery, often with microscopic techniques. The technical complexity of these kinds of surgeries necessitates a high level of competence during the postoperative recovery by therapists with advanced skills in upper extremity rehabilitation. Therapists must be knowledgeable about these advanced surgical techniques and post-operative therapy programs to become CHTs. They must also remain knowledgeable about changes in hand therapy practice.

Certification is voluntary and is difficult to attain. Certification involves meeting a standard and developing a career path. Preparing to pass the certification examination requires advanced study and training. A CHT is someone who has demonstrated a personal dedication to the profession of hand therapy and a desire for advanced competency. CHTs are therapists who have studied long and hard to advance themselves. They bring to their work a commitment and dedication to reach and maintain the highest standards in their profession.

The CHT credential is recognized by many professional organizations as a benchmark for excellence in advanced specialty credentialing in health care.

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